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Voluntários inventores de futuro-ONU

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Giovedì, 01. Novembre 2007

S6m=Save 6 million children

di onuvifavi, 23:06
S6m=Save 6 million children
English version of a internacional movement of volunteers for a better wourld. Thanks for translation from Portuguese and Italian. Thanks for translation for others languages.  
E-mail, contact: oonnuu&  (replace & @ to avoid spam by automatic).
The worst crime of current are 6 million children who die of hunger each year.
The stupidity of this crime lies in the ease with which they could be saving.
Millions of children can be saving with other policies adopted, another culture of consumption and other political priorities and sensitivities.
Millions of families would be happier if they could adopt. I suppose can change international conventions and bureaucracies that prevent or hinder adoptions.
I invite UN and governments to make facility to adopt.
I invite voluntary associations to translate in other languages this message to reach who can do anything to change the situation.
With adoptions immediate, easy, not only free but with economic support, psychological and advisory UN and volunteers could save themselves many of these millions of children dying of hunger.
Imagine that the UN proposed international convention to facilitate adoptions with the support of governments, volunteers, police and justice. The priority is to save every child and every national or international laws cease to have effect when contribute to hamper the salvation of children.
Agreements with airlines and transportation allowed free travel when there were jobs available. The UN coordinates these trips with the collaboration of local authorities and volunteers.
The richest families would be invited to provide an economic collaboration. The poor receive support if necessary in the availability.
Included Pope and the Catholic Church with the families’ priority to "normal" traditional and the criminalization of homosexual families, preventing them adoptions is contributing to that many children die of hunger rather than adopted.
I do not know all the consequences of my proposals that seem obvious to me as a priority. I invite people more intelligent, creative and with more know haw to comment on my proposals, invent others to help who can make something.
My proposals can be copied and altered according to the priority values of each one:

A) The priority of the UN should be to establish protocols with all countries of the world for free adoptions, immediate bureaucracies or without difficulty. The churches, volunteers and local politicians would be invited to collaborate in the control and development of good adoptions. Students of psychology would be invited to make practical studies of the behaviour of new families. Students of philosophy would be invited to make practical studies of philosophy values in a globalized civilization, in the globalization of the best values for a global coexistence, in the happiness of giving and not just consume. Forces many more people would be happy to have more a nephew, a son or a brother.

B) The priorities of the Pope, the Vatican, churches of all religions and politicians from all over the world should not be avoided but encourage adoptions.

C) The priority of the UN should not be saving a terrorist, murderer or criminal unrecoverable cost that could save more than 1,000 innocent. For some politicians seem to save the lives of 5,000 sentenced to death is a priority on saving the lives of 6,000,000 children die of hunger ...
D) Other?
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